Personalised Immunotherapy in Sepsis:
a precision medicine approach


ImmunoSep aims at significantly improving the treatment outcome of sepsis through a precision-medicine approach that reflects the different manifestations of this severe clinical condition in individual patients.

Mission & Aims

The mission of ImmunoSep is to design and perform a proof-of-concept clinical trial of personalised immunotherapy in sepsis and, within this clinical trial, to develop a next-generation theranostics platform for the design of future personalised immunotherapy trials in sepsis.

4 Years
10 Million €
14 Partners
9 Countries

“For the benefit of the patient, ImmunoSep will apply novel basic science principles to direct clinical practice. We therefore positioned the project at the intersection between cutting-edge science, translational and clinical programmes and social science integration in daily clinical practice. We are aiming to insure a rapid translation ‘from idea to application’ starting from basic molecular research to translational medicine and epidemiology.“

Prof. Mihai Netea RadboudUMC,
Coordinator of ImmunoSep