Personalised Immunotherapy in Sepsis:
a precision medicine approach


Over the four years of the project four aims are to be reached:


Aim 1: Provide proof that a personalised immunotherapy approach is feasible for the treatment of sepsis

This is done by performing the first large personalised immunotherapy trial in sepsis. This aims to establish proof-of-principle for a personalised immunotherapeutic approach and test the clinical value of immunotherapeutic agents that are already clinically available.

Aim 2: Build the basis on which improvements can be made for the future second-generation studies

This is done by conducting and assessing systems biology, multi-layered omics immunoprofiling using cutting-edge technologies such as single-cell sequencing, genomics and epigenomics, metabolomics and analyses of the microbiome. This aims to improve patient stratification and treatment allocation.

Aim 3: Design new theranostics pipelines

This is based on the database provided by the multi-omics assessment of the sepsis patients in the trial. It aims to lay the groundwork for the design and execution of future precision medicine-based immunotherapy trials in sepsis.

Aim 4: Integration of novel immunotherapeutic approaches daily healthcare

This is done by working together with professional and patient organisations. This aims to improve patient awareness and involvement in these decision processes as well as enhance the acceptability of immunotherapies as a new treatment in sepsis.