Personalised Immunotherapy in Sepsis:
a precision medicine approach

Universitätsklinikum Jena

— UKJ —

The Jena University Hospital (JUH) is an academic hospital providing medical care to 53,000 in- and 275,000 outpatients per year. JUH has a long tradition as a medical school and educates about 2,500 students of medicine, dentistry, molecular medicine and medical photonics. As an academic institution, JUH generates knowledge in a wide variety of research areas ranging from basic science to clinical trials. In this context, JUH is also dedicated to sepsis research as it has founded the Integrated Research and Treatment Center of Sepsis Control and Care (CSCC) as an institution within the JUH. In addition, there is a tight cooperation and active participation with the German SepNet study group which conducts investigator initiated multicenter trials in this field.

Role within ImmunoSep

Within the ImmunoSep-project, the JUH is participating and contributing in design and conduct of the Personalized Immunotherapy in Sepsis Trial, which is the backbone of this project. The JUH also serves as a partner to additional work packages of the project such as systems biology and theranostics analyses and identification of immunotypes in sepsis patients.

Main contacts

Photo of Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer
Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer
Photo of Dr. Frank Bloos, Ph.D.
Dr. Frank Bloos, Ph.D.
Photo of Dr. Sebastian Weis
Dr. Sebastian Weis
Photo of Dr. Johannes Ehler
Dr. Johannes Ehler