Personalised Immunotherapy in Sepsis:
a precision medicine approach

The University Of Reading


Research at the University of Reading aims to solve some of the biggest problems facing people today, based on four themes: agriculture, food and health; environment; heritage and creativity; and prosperity and resilience. Working across continents and disciplines, researchers explore ways to tackle climate change, improve human health, provide food security and understand human culture. Research within the Reading School of Pharmacy brings together experts from across the health sciences with the goal of improving how we use existing medicines and developing the drugs of tomorrow. Particular areas of research excellence include novel technologies for rapid diagnostics; safer medicines and better practitioners.

Role within ImmunoSep

The participants bring extensive experience in supporting companies seeking to commercialise their technologies, has a well-established network of NHS partners in the Thames Valley in supporting real world evaluation and driving innovation adoption. The participants specialise in supporting the creation and triaging of novel innovations that have the potential to fit with NHS need, support the generation of a real world evidence package that can demonstrate system, patient and clinical benefit supporting the development of viable business models and strategies for company growth.The participants will lead the dissemination of a survey among expected stakeholders.

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